Singular 2018

White Wine | Vinho Verde DOC | 13.0% VOL

A&D Wines Singular is a wine made with grapes grown using sustainable farming practices, at Quinta de Santa Teresa, Baião, and selected exclusively by the winemaker. It is an aromatic wine, produced with minimal intervention techniques. It is complex, full-bodied, with a long and pleasant taste.

The winter of 2018 was quite dry. Spring was more balanced, with some rain during April, which compelled us to apply treatments in the vineyards for mildew and oidium. Also, the vineyards in Casa do Arrabalde suffered some frostings during this month.

Summer was mild, only the lower vineyards in Quinta de Santa Teresa registering some burns on the 23rd of August. In the 8th and 9th of the same month it rained, which allowed to reduce the hydric stress and push the maturation process. The balanced, fresher profile of the 2019 vintage gave birth to slightly more acidic wines, with lower alcohol graduation.


Tech Sheet

Grape Varieties

Grape variety Avesso

A high quality white grape variety that leads to full bodied aromatic and flavorful Portuguese white wines. This varietal can result in wines with citrus and tree fruit aromas along with subtle hints of tropical fruit. Avesso has medium-sized bunches with large yellow and green berries. High-yielding and rustic, this grape is planted primarily in Baião, in the vinho verde region of Portugal.

Grape variety Old Vines
Old Vines

Old vines are responsible for producing wines that express very well the local terroir, as their roots reach deeper depths, a greater diversity of soil layers and carry complex compounds to the leaves, bunches and grapes. The old vines give birth to grapes with a higher concentration of aromas, flavors and, consequently, more intense wines.

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Features (Tech Data)

Sustainable farming
Manual Selection
Minimal Intervention
Best Served from 10-12 °C