Esculpido 2018

White Wine | Vinho Verde DOC | 13.0% VOL

The name Esculpido (sculped) relates to the impressing forms and shapes of some of our oldest vines, authentic living sculptures, redefined and polished by the passage of time.

Esculpido is made from grapes of these vineyards of the variety Avesso, which are located in our estate Quinta de Santa Teresa, most of them situated between 200 and 350 meters high.

This wine results from the will to express the high quality of the grapes originated in these vineyards, who are taken care of using organic and traditional methods.


Tech Sheet

Grape Varieties

Grape variety Avesso

A high quality white grape variety that leads to full bodied aromatic and flavorful Portuguese white wines. This varietal can result in wines with citrus and tree fruit aromas along with subtle hints of tropical fruit. Avesso has medium-sized bunches with large yellow and green berries. High-yielding and rustic, this grape is planted primarily in Baião, in the vinho verde region of Portugal.

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Features (Tech Data)

Sustainable farming
Manual Selection
Minimal Intervention
Best Served from 10-12 °C