Monólogo Sauvignon Blanc P704 2018

White Wine | Regional Minho | 13.0% VOL

Monólogo Sauvignon Blanc P704 is a monovarietal wine produced with grapes from Quinta dos Espinhosos. The grapes are grown with organic and sustainable farming practices. The 2018 vintage of this Sauvignon Blanc is the first one with organic certification.

The winter of 2017 was relatively dry. However, this trend inverted completely during the 2018 Spring, which registered far greater levels of precipitation than the average levels of rainfall for this time. These rains forced us to apply treatments in the vineyards for mildew and oidium. Also, in the beginning of March we had hailstorms in Quinta dos Espinhosos, which prejudiced the yields of some parcels.

Summer, on the other hand, was hot and dry, the average temperatures in August and September being much higher than the annual averages for these months. Despite the intense heat, the vines went thru the season without any issues.

The harvest of Quinta dos Espinhosos 2018 started early, on 11 of October, in consequence of the hot summer.


Grape Varieties

Grape variety Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc

Aromatic grape variety, with marked acidity, whose origins date back to the Bordeaux and Loire regions of France. Grown in a variety of wine producing countries, it’s a grape variety know for producing refreshing and elegant white wines.

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Features (Tech Data)

Sustainable farming
Manual Selection
Minimal Intervention
Best Served from 10-12 °C