Casa do Arrabalde 2014

White Wine | Vinho Verde DOC | 12.0% VOL

Casa do Arrabalde is a white wine with a citrus color and crystalline appearance from the Vinho Verde region. A dry wine of great freshness, good acidity and minerality. It has floral notes, reflecting the combination of the white grapes Alvarinho, Avesso and Arinto. On the palate the finish is long.

The harvest of 2014 proved to be a challenge due to adverse weather conditions. Significantly colder Winter and the unusual rain during Summer, contributed to the late ripening of bunches. The harvest, made by varietal, started in October with manual selection. The must, after decanting, fermented in stainless steel tanks followed by partial malolactic fermentation.

Developed in the Vinho Verde region from local grape varieties, with the use of sustainable farming practices, this Portuguese white wine expresses the natural characteristics of the terroir, supported with minimal intervention techniques.


Tech Sheet

Grape Varieties

Grape variety Alvarinho

The emblematic Alvarinho grape is one Portugal’s most easily recognized and finest white grape varietal, typically grown in the vinho verde region. Grape yield is low, with small bunches and thick skin. It is rustic with strong aromas and flavors that lead to complex and harmonious Portuguese white wines.

Grape variety Arinto

Grape variety of great quality that produces vibrant and aromatic portuguese white wines, typically grown in the vinho verde region. Also known by the name Pedernã, it has good acidity and a mineral character that goes well with its citrus and tree fruit flavours. Arinto has bunches of a medium size with small grapes that are tightly together and lead to medium yields.

Grape variety Avesso

A high quality white grape variety that leads to full bodied aromatic and flavorful Portuguese white wines. This varietal can result in wines with citrus and tree fruit aromas along with subtle hints of tropical fruit. Avesso has medium-sized bunches with large yellow and green berries. High-yielding and rustic, this grape is planted primarily in Baião, in the vinho verde region of Portugal.

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Features (Tech Data)

Sustainable farming
Manual Selection
Minimal Intervention
Best Served from 10-12 °C


Sakura Japan Women's Wine Awards